Emma Lou and the Big Ragout

King Shankpump will lose his kingdom unless his daughter, Emma Lou, can become engaged. Alas, Emma Lou, while attractive and bright, has no charm and is bereft of spit! Not only that, the only boy she likes, Prince Grodlebucket, runs from the room every time he sees her. Emma Lou's only recourse is to go on a quest to seek assistance from the fearsome Big Ragout. Miss Lavoone, a charm school matron, escorts Emma Lou on her hilarious journey.


Written by Karen Boettcher-Tate, Directed by Shane Bridges


Production Dates

March 30 & 31, 2012



  • Queen Toodles Shankpump - Keisha Lyles
  • King Hank Shankpump - Brett Jordan
  • Emma Lou Shankpump - Briley Lee
  • Parthelbump - Hunter Jordan
  • Bucky Grodlebucket - Andrew Lawlor
  • Glorious Lavoone - Hannah Mills
  • Slimes - Jenni Turner
  • Slimes - Amber Lyles
  • Slimes - Jake Lyles
  • Slimes - Cole Powers
  • Ragbottoms - Madison Davis
  • Ragbottoms - Natalie Brooks
  • Ragbottoms - Stetson Copous
  • Ragbottoms - Jerry Evans
  • Ragbottoms - Victor Evans
  • Witches - Ryleigh Beecham
  • Witches - Madison Cagle
  • Witches - Molly Lawlor
  • Witches - Haylee Duncan
  • The Big Ragout - Hunter Jordan



This project is funded under an agreement with the TENNESSEE ARTS COMMISSION.


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