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We offer many ways for you to become part of our family by getting involved in the magic of theatre. Has acting on stage always been your dream? Maybe the idea of standing under the lights gives you hives, but the prospect of working the lights or the sound system makes you smile? Are you a "people person" who would love to sell tickets or greet people? Does your busy life simply not leave you any time to volunteer? Then can you help keep this nonprofit, community theatre thriving by making a monetary donation?

We can only exist with volunteers, neighbors, and friends ready to step up and say "I want to get involved." And with a variety of volunteer and donation opportunities, we say "Welcome, come on in!"

What's in it for you? Numerous opportunities for making new friends, polishing skills and exploring new interests. And best of all, volunteering is simply lots of fun.

Come on, you can do it

Not sure that you have the skills to help? Explore our volunteer opportunites below, we're sure there's a place for you!


We encourage anyone with an interest in performing to audition for our productions. We have an open door casting policy, meaning you do not need previous experience with us.

Some Practical Considerations about being in a production:

  • This is a big investment of time and energy.
  • We rehearse 4 to 5 times a week. Note the rehearsal schedule.
  • Tech week rehearsals (the week prior to opening night) run later than normal rehearsals.
  • Once in performance, it is a major problem to be excused or replaced in your role.

Your First Audition

Congratulations on deciding to audition! Here's generally how an audition works. Directors may modify this slightly, however, it will be announced in the audition notice if that is the case.

No previous preparation is required for most all straight plays. Musicals and musical revues typically require a prepared song, and classical works may require a prepared monologue. This is rare and it will be announced in the audition notice.

It's a good idea to arrive about 10 to 15 minutes early to fill out an audition form. The director will use this to pair up people for scenes. The director will then set up a few groups of people to go out of the stage area to practice a scene. When your group is up next, you move to the stage area and present the scene.

Dress is casual, jeans and a t-shirt are fine. You may wear whatever is most comfortable for you. Wear clothes you can stretch and move in and shoes that will stay on your feet. No flip-flops.

Auditions are not a competition - they are an opportunity. Everyone has the same opportunity, so make the most of it. Don't go away thinking you could have done better "if only"; this is your chance to shine.

Of course, we cannot cast everybody that auditions for each show. There are many other off-stage opportunities for volunteers.


Set Construction

Work building and rigging sets, and loading them onto the stage. Knowledge of power tools, set construction, or carpentry is helpful but not necessary.

Set Painting and Props

Volunteers paint scenery and set pieces, and gather and build props. Painting tasks range from base coating to detail work. Props gathering involves finding items in storage as well as shopping.

Lights and Sound

Work with the lighting and sound designers hanging lights, cutting gels, and programming light and sound boards.


Work with the costume designer creating new and altering existing costumes. You do not need to know how to sew. Help may be needed in the form of distressing or dyeing fabric, fitting or finishing, or decorating hats and shoes.


Backstage positions require evening and weekend hours and follow our performance schedule. Crews share duties and time commitments. All crew members will receive instructions and training.


Duties include helping actors with costume quick changes, on the spot repairs, and laundry prep.

Hair and Make-up

Assist actors with make-up application and hair/wig styling.

Lights and Sound

Run the light board and sound board.

Set Crew

Prepare the stage prior to the show. Move scenery between scenes and acts.

Front of House

Box Office

Sell tickets to our patrons.


Greet patrons, take tickets, hand out programs and direct patrons to facilities.


Prepare and sell soft drinks, coffee, popcorn and snacks to our patrons.

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