2008 Toby Show - Return of Aunt Susan

Publicity photo for Return of Aunt Susan

Beloved Aunt Susan has passed away, leaving her ward M'Liss along with Toby and Jerry wondering what will happen to them now. Her legal councelor, Robert Wentworth, explains that without a will her house will go to her closest living relative, a neice in Chicago. When Eloise, the neice, and George arrive it is appearant that she wants to unload the property as soon as possible. Toby is feverishly working on an invention in the basement when after an explosion he finds that no one can hear or see him. Aunt Susan appears to let him know that the living can't see those who have moved on. She tells Toby she left all her possessions to M'Liss in a will tucked away in a book. George finds Aunt Susan's diary and the revalation of the existence of the will. Eloise and George begin searching for the will to destroy it. Can Aunt Susan and Toby get the others to find the will before Eloise and George?


Written by Neil Schaffner, Directed by Shane Bridges


Production Dates

Sept. 18 & Sept. 20, 2008



  • Aunt Susan Hemmingway - Dotty Hill
  • M'Liss Hemmingway - Alyssa Brittain
  • Toby Taylor - Shane Bridges
  • Robert Wentworth - Bill White
  • Jerry Hodge - David Taylor
  • Eloise Hanson - Elicia Spain
  • George Cubine - Mark Tubbs
  • Aaron Kronkheidt - Adam Stanford
  • Musical Accompaniment - Patricia Stanford



This project is funded under an agreement with the TENNESSEE ARTS COMMISSION.


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