2007 Toby Show - How Now White Cow

Hailey S. Darkheart and Ida Claire are a couple of city slickers from the big city of New Orleans where they perform on that fancy showboat, the Cotton Blossom, They pay a visit to Toby and the gang and try to swindle them out of their old milk cow, Lightning, as they think she's giving spiked milk! Meanwhile, Toby and his bunch are trying to make their big break into show business. They work hard to get their act together and hope that Mr. Darkheart will carry them back to the Cotton Blossom so they can become rich and famous.


Written by Dr. Dawn Larsen, Directed by Shane Bridges


Production Date

Sept. 22, 2007



  • Susie Sunshine - Dotty Hill
  • Toby Taylor - Shane Bridges
  • Sturgill - Clayton Quinn
  • Professor - David Taylor
  • Ida Claire - Elicia Spain
  • Hailey S. Darkheart - Mark Tubbs
  • Musical Accompaniment - Nancy Slater



This project is funded under an agreement with the TENNESSEE ARTS COMMISSION.


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