The historical information on tent shows presented on this web site was gather from a number of sources, including:

  • The writings of Dr. Dawn Larsen
  • "Born in a Trunk: Just Outside the Center Door Fancy" by Billy Choate, 1994 Morris Publishing
  • "Footlights on the Prairie: The Story of the Repertory Tent Players in the Midwest" by Jere C. Mickel, 1974 North Star Press
  • "Henry L. Brunk and Brunk's Comedians" by Jerry L. Martin, 1984 Bowling Green University Popular Press
  • "Trouping Through Texas, Harley Sadler and His Tent Show" by Clifford Ashby and Suzanne DePauw May, 1982 Bowling Green University Popular Press
  • "The History of the Haverstock Tent Show" by Robert Lee Wyatt III, 1997 Southern Illinois University
  • "One More Season" by Roberta L. Wilkes and Michael Lacey, 2009 Roberta L. Wilkes and Michael Lacey
  • "A Surviving Toby Show: Bisbee's Comedians" by Carol Pennepacker, 1964 Tennesse Folklore Society Bulletin
  • 1946 Bisbee's Comedians Souvenir Program Book
  • The Linking Ring, June 1952 Vol 32, No 4, by Ray Hyman
  • "Boob and Bisbee's", by Robert Talley, Memphis Commercial Appeal March 29, 1953
  • "Richard Henderson (1876-1935) Michigan Actor and Theatre Manager" by Kevin Peshick 2006
  • Early articles from The Billboard magazine
  • Early articles from The New York Times
  • The Theatre Museum of Repertoire Americana, Mt. Pleasant IA

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