2014 Toby Show - Frankentoby

Frankentoby finds Toby working at the Sleep Late Bed'n'Breakfast operated by Martha and Abby Late. Victor Bubbastein is an out of towner who visits Sleep Late with two mysterious cohorts, Eyesore and Frank, needing rooms to do some cryptic experiments. Halloween mayhem commences with people inexplicably changing identities and very scary Perry Countians (is there any other kind) appear from the closets!


Written and Directed by Shane Bridges


Production Dates

Oct. 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25 - 2014



  • Toby T. Taylor - Shane Bridges
  • Martha Late - Dotty Hill
  • Abby Late - Elicia Spain
  • Rosemary Late - Makayla Blackstock
  • Thyme Late - Hannah Mills
  • Victor Bubbastein - David Taylor
  • Eyesore - Mark Tubbs
  • Milton Humperdink - Ivan Hobbs
  • Charles Davver - Jason Varnick
  • Frank - Clayton Quinn
  • Dennis - Jake Lyles
  • Veruca - Amber Lyles
  • Mr. Cradlegroper - Victor Evans



"The craziest, most hilarious, laugh-out-loud Toby Show yet!"

"My kids were still talking about the show the next morning!"

"My sides were hurting from laughing so hard."

"If you need a good laugh, see this show."


This project is funded under an agreement with the TENNESSEE ARTS COMMISSION.


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