The classic tale starts out in the streets of Arabia where the Grand Sultan's bungling guards are trying to catch the street-savvy Aladdin for allegedly kidnapping Princess Adora. Aladdin easily outruns the squabbling guards only to meet the calculating Court Magician who tricks him into entering a cave to fetch an old lamp. With possession of the lamp, the evil and powerful Magician plans to take over the kingdom and banish the Grand Sultan and his family from the country. While trapped in the cave by the Magician, Aladdin rubs the lamp and discovers a fairylike Genie who bestows all wishes.


Written by Dan Neidermyer, Directed by Mark Tubbs


Production Dates

March 25 & April 1, 2011



  • Aladdin - Hunter Jordan
  • Princess Adora - Madison Goff
  • Grand Sultan - Brett Jordan
  • Magician - Clayton Quinn
  • Bular - Jenni Taylor
  • Genie - Jay Hunter Brasher
  • Aladdin's Mother - Keisha Lyles
  • Suleyman - Natalie Brooks
  • Guard/Servant - Cole Powers
  • Guard/Servant - Dakota Baker
  • Guard/Servant - Cheyenne Baker
  • Guard/Servant - Kyleigh Rainey



This project is funded under an agreement with the TENNESSEE ARTS COMMISSION.


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