2009 Toby Show - Lead Petunias

Publicity photo for Lead Petunias

Set in a familiar beauty shop in a small southern town, "Lead Petunias" is a story of strong women overcoming unforeseen obstacles. Keeping with the Toby Show tradition of taking popular plays and rewriting them with the insertion of the Toby character, this tale is one you'll likely recognize. Boovy is a buxom blonde running a small boutique. Her best friend is M'Liss, whose daughter Belle is about to marry a local boy, Henderson. Except for their "friend" Sneezer's sharp tongue, and an economic downturn, everything is going just as planned in rural America. That is, until the wily big city duo of Ida Clairee and Hailey Darkheart move to town and flip this much-loved story on it's ear. Can Toby outsmart the city slickers and save the day?


Written and Directed by Shane Bridges


Production Dates

Sept. 17 & Sept. 19, 2009



  • Boovy Smith - Elicia Spain
  • M'Liss Eatery - Dotty Hill
  • Toby Taylor - Shane Bridges
  • Belle Eatery - Amber Wallace
  • Henderson - Adam Stanford
  • Sneezer Thibodeaux - David Taylor
  • Ida Clairee - Carol Shaw
  • Hailey Darkheart - Mark Tubbs
  • Musical Accompaniment - Patricia Stanford



This project is funded under an agreement with the TENNESSEE ARTS COMMISSION.


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